New Music: “Not Alone”

Firing Arrow’s latest release, ‘Not Alone,’ stands out as their most dynamic and compelling single to date. Crafted and recorded through a collaborative songwriting effort with artists Grant Shed and Whitlee Casey (who also contribute their vocal prowess to the track) this epic composition serves as a powerful anthem that ignites hope and implores friends to unite in support of those facing despair. It sends the resounding message: You are not alone.

Welcome Matt

Formed as solo project by Mark Rojas in 2020, Firing Arrows evolved this year with the addition of Matt Boden who brought his creative talents to both drums and bass for the band’s productions.

A New Journey

This year Firing Arrows embarks on a new sonic direction to infuse the raw energy and infectious melodies of early 2000s pop punk rock into their songs. As they turn back the clock, Firing Arrows is poised to captivate listeners with their spirited and authentic take on the sounds that defined a generation.

Previous Singles

Take a listen to some Firing Arrows favs:


This year will be an unforgettable journey of songs. Stay tuned.

23 Feb
“Not Alone”
14 Jun
“Dark Night”
7 Aug
“More Than I’m Able”
4 Oct
“These Days”
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